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Farakka Barrage Project Farakka

The Farakka Barrage Project is designed to serve the need of preservation and maintenance of the Kolkata Port by improving the regime and navigability of the Bhagirathi-Hoogly river system.  The Farakka Barrage Project organization has been assigned the work for operation and maintenance of the following principal components of the Project:

  • A 2245 metre long barrage across the river Ganga with rail-cum-road bridge, necessary river training works and a Head Regulator on the right side.
  •  A 213 metre long Barrage across the river Bhagirathi a Jangipur and Navigation Lock beside it.
  •  Feeder Canal of 1133 cumec (40,000 cusec) carrying capacity and 38.38 km long, taking off from the Head Regulator on the right bank of the Farakka Barrage. 
  • Navigational infrastructures such as locks, lock channels, shelter basins, control towers, navigation lights and other infrastructure at Farakka and Jangipur.
  •  33.79 km left and 7 km right Afflux Bundhs of Farakka Barrage and 16.31 km Left Afflux Bundh of Jangipur Barrage.
  •  Two road-cum-rail bridges and two road bridges across the Feeder Canal.
  • A number of Regulators at different locations in both Murshidabad and Malda Districts.
  • Bagmari Syphon at RD 48.00 of Feeder Canal.
  • The jurisdiction of Farakka Barrage Project has been extended upto Rajmahal including Diara in the upstream (40 km from the Farakka Barrage) and upto Jalangi in the downstream (80 km from the Farakka Barrage) for carrying out critical anti-erosion protection works essential for safety of the Barrage.