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Tungabhadra Board

The Tungabhadra Board was constituted by the President of India in exercise of the powers vested under sub section (4), Section 66 of the Andhra Pradesh State Act, 1953 for completion of the Tungabhadra Project and its operation and maintenance.  The Board is regulating water for irrigation, Hydropower generation and other uses from the reservoir.

The Board consists of a Chairman, appointed by the Government of India, and three Members, one each representing the States of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Government of India.  In the discharge of its assigned functions, the Board exercises powers of State Government.  It makes rules for the conduct of its own business.  The Government of Andhra Pradesh and the Government of Karnataka provide funds in agreed proportions and also depute staff to man the various specified posts, as per agreed proportion.  The working table for canal wise distribution of water to the States is prepared every year by the Tungabhadra Board in consultation with the State Governments, and is reviewed from time to time during the water year.  The regulation of water is carried out in accordance with the agreed working table.

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