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Physical and Financial Progress

An amount of Rs. 9749.01 Crore has been  released to the States as Central Assistance under the Programme from the inception till end of June, 2020. Out of total central assistance (CA) released, CA of Rs. 751.66 crore, Rs. 818.57 crore, Rs. 1957.26 crore and 2741.77 crore have respectively been released during IX plan, X plan, XI Plan and XII plan to the State. CA of about Rs. 1799.01 Crore  has been released during 2017-18 to 2020-21(upto June, 2020).

An  area of about 22.98 Mha has been covered under the programme since inception up to end of March, 2020 out of which Culturable  Command Area (CCA) of 1.8 Mha, 2.31 Mha, 2.08 Mha and 1.918 Mha have been covered during the IX Plan, X Plan, XI Plan and XII Plan respectively. CCA of about 0.919 Mha  has been covered during 2017-18 to 2019-20.