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Agro-Climatic Zones

The Planning Comhkmission after examining the earlier studies on the regionalisation of the agricultural economy has recommended that agricultural planning be done on the basis of agroclimatic regions. For resource development, the country has been broadly divided into fifteen agricultural regions based on agroclimatic features, particularly soil type, climate including temperature and rainfall and its variation and water resources availability as under:

  • Western Himalayan division
  • Eastern Himalayan division
  • Lower Gangetic plain region
  • Middle Gangetic plain region
  • Upper Gangetic plain region
  • Trans-Gangetic plain region
  • Eastern plateau and hill region
  • Central plateau and hill region
  • Western plateau and hill region
  • Southern plateau and hill region
  • East coast plain and hill region
  • West coast plain and hill region
  • Gujarat plain and hill region
  • Western plain and hill region
  • Island region