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Current Policy

The approach followed to minimise effect of drought during the 8th Five Year Plan were:

  • Larger thrust for watershed development under Drought Prone Area Programme.
  • Dry land farming and water resource development.
  • Instead of capital intensive engineering works for soil and moisture conservation, encourage simple and

    low cost structures which can be completed in a short time with the help of local skills.
  • Dovetail Crop production activities into the watershed project along with soil conservation activities.
  • Take up large scale dry land farming demonstrations.
  • Limited irrational and over exploitation of groundwater resources.
  • Undertake Research on the efficacy and economics of sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.
  • Construction of suitable water harvesting structures for the purpose of conservation and optimal use of

    surface water and recharge of underground aquifers.
  • Renovation and restoration of old tanks/farm ponds in the villages.
  • Afforestation and Pasture Development.
  • Animal Husbandry and Fodder Development.
  • People's participation in drought proofing.