The Godavari Water Disputes Tribunal headed by Justice Bachawat was constituted by the Government in April, 1969 for adjudication of Inter-State Water Disputes regarding Godavari river.
    While the adjudication proceedings were going on, several Inter-State agreements between the party States viz. Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka were reached during the year 1975. Subsequently, bilateral and tripartite agreements between the party States with regard to number of irrigation projects were also reached during the year 1978-79. The Tribunal took cognizance of all these agreements and having regard to the requests of the party States included them in the Final Award. The agreements in effect imply a series of Inter-State compacts in the sense that the party States are free to utilize flow of river Godavari or its tributaries up to certain specified points. For example, Maharashtra is free to utilize flow in Godavari up to Paithan, while the State of Andhra Pradesh is free to utilize the Godavari flows below Paithan. Similarly, the bilateral agreements also specify for sharing of water of certain tributaries of Godavari. The agreement also provides for construction of certain Inter-State projects such as Inchampally and Polavaram with specified Full Reservoir Levels (FRL). The Tribunal gave its Award in July, 1980.

    Constitution Award

    The agreement on Polavaram Project provides for diversion of 80 TMC of Godavari Water from Polavaram Project to Krishna River upstream of Vijayawada Anicut. The water thus diverted in Krishna will be shared as under

    • Andhra Pradesh 45 TM
    • Karnataka & Maharashtra 35 TMC

    The Inchampalli Multipurpose Project will be a joint venture of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh to be executed and operated under the directions of a Tripartite Inter-State Control Board. The cost of storage, power and benefits will be shared by these States in agreed proportions. Andhra Pradesh is allowed to divert 85 TMC of waters from Inchampalli Reservoir for its use. The balance available water is to be used for power generation at Inchampalli Power House. After generation, the water can be used by Andhra Pradesh in any manner.

    As per the award any alteration, amendments or modification to any of the provision of the Tribunal can be made by agreement between the party States or by legislation of Parliament.