Ground Water Management and Regulation (GWMR)

    Publish Date: November 28, 2023

    “Ground Water Management and Regulation (GWMR)”

    Name of the Scheme: Ground Water Management and Regulation (GWMR)

    Type of Scheme: Central Sector Scheme

    Period: 2021-26

    Major Activities:

    • Aquifer Mapping
    • Interventions for Aquifer Rejuvenation and SpringshedMapping
    • Construction of Piezometers
    • Monitoring of ground water levels
    • Monitoring of ground water quality
    • Assessment of ground water resources
    • Regulation and control of ground water extraction
    • Outreach Activities
    • In addition to the above ongoing activities under GWMR scheme, a Project has been approved by the Public Investment Board (PIB) for creating infrastructure for data generation for National Aquifer Mapping and Management (NAQUlM) to be implemented as a part of the GWM&R Scheme for the period 2022-2026.

      PIB Project

      Name of the Project: National Aquifer Mapping and Management (NAQUIM) Programme

      Period: 2022-26

      Major Activities:

      • Construction of 7000 piezometers along with installation of 7000 Digital Water Level Recorders (DWLRs) with telemetry system
      • Heli-borne surveys for high resolution mapping in ~ 3 lakh sq km area in arid parts of NW India.
      • Data Generation for Aquifer Mapping through construction of Wells ( 1135 wells in 11 States)

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