Status of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with foreign countries in Water Sector

    Sl. No. Name of Country Date of signing Areas of cooperation
    1. Denmark 12.09.2022
    • Water resources development and management; rural water supply; and sewage/wastewater treatment.
    • Digitalisation and ease of information access
    • Integrated and smart water resources development and management;
    • Aquifer mapping, groundwater modelling, monitoring and recharge;
    • Efficient and sustainable water supply at household level, including reduction of non-revenue water and energy consumption;
    • River and water body rejuvenation to enhance liveability, resilience and economic development;
    • Water quality monitoring and management;
    • Sewage/wastewater treatment
    • Climate change mitigation and adaptation, including nature based solutions.
    • River centric urban planning including urban flood management
    • Nature based liquid waste abatement measures for peri-urban and rural areas
    2. Japan – 1 11.12.2019
    • Integrated Water Resources Management
    • River Basin management
    • Water safety, flood management along rivers, deltas and coasts
    • Water quality, river basin management, including pollution reduction
    • Water availability, including drought management and re-use of water
    3. Japan – 2 19.03.2022
    • Strengthen,facilitate and develop capacity of Decentralized Domestic Wastewater Management.
    • Effective reuse of treated wastewater
    4. Netherlands 29.03.2022
    • River Basin Management
    • Planning/Integrated Water Resources
    • Management
    • Pollution abatement for rivers including River Ganga
    • Decision Support Systems (data gathering,
    • applications of Remote Sensing & GIS in
    • Hydrology and Water Resources)
    • Delta management – water safety including Flood Management along rivers, deltas and coasts
    • Promoting water management, water quality issues and waste water recycling and re-use through innovative concession arrangements.
    5. European Union 07.10.2016
    • Exchange views on regulatory approaches,including procurement, governance, best practices, business solutions and research
    • Continue technical exchange on water issues, including on integrated water resource management plans within river basins, and through study visits to the EU and European experts, missions to India.
    • Jointly organize lndo-European Water Forum events at regular intervals to discuss and share views on water-related matters of common interest.
    • Support the implementation of the Ganga Rejuvenation initiative of the Indian Government, in particular through quick- win business solutions based on EU best practices.
    6. Australia 10.11.2009
    • Institutional framework, including improving coordination;
    • Integrated water resources management;
    • Stream flow forecasting
    • Water use efficiency;
    • Water quality management and environmental protection; and
    • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
    7. Hungary 16.10.2016
    • Integrated Water Resources Management
    • River Basin Management Planning
    • Water and Waste Water Management
    • Water related Education, Research & Development
    8. United States 17.12.2019
    • River Basin Management/Integrated Water Resources Management.
    • Collaboration in the field of use of modem technology and scientific knowledge for efficient use of water and developing appropriate decision support system.
    • Flood management and forecasting
    • Promoting water management, water quality issues and waste water recycling and re-use through innovative concession arrangements.
    • Capacity building including laboratory testing and instrumentation.
    9. Morocco 14.12.2017
    • Conception, realization and maintenance of the hydraulic infrastructure, notably big dams and water transfer projects
    • Integrated water resources management
    • Flood and drought management
    • Sustainable development and management of ground water resources including recharge augmentation
    • Harvesting and valuation of rainfall water
    • Resilience and adaptation to climate change
    10. Tanzania 10.07.2016

    Cooperation in the field of Water Resources Management and Development by collaboration and sharing of experience and expertise on the areas mutually agreed upon including techniques in:-

    • Water
    • Harvesting
    • Water conservation
    • Surface and
    • Groundwater management and development
    11. Israel 11.11.2016 Cooperation at the regional, national and international level in the field of water resources development and management by collaborating and sharing of experience and expertise in the areas mutually agreed upon, including technique in the efficient use of waste water desalination, aquifer recharge and in-situ water conservation techniques.
    12. Cambodia 08.12.2007 Exchange of experts and organization of training programs; study tour in the areas of development and management of water resources,both surface and groundwater.
    13. Iraq 23.08.2013
    • Project Hydrology, Practicing Hydrology and Hydrological Modelling
    • Applications of Remote Sensing & GIS in Hydrology and Water Resources
    • Integrated Water Resources Development and Management
    • Flood and Drought Management, Irrigation and Drainage
    • Surface and Groundwater management and development
    • Minor Irrigation, Modernisation / renovation of old irrigation schemes
    14. Fiji 12.02.2014
    • In the areas of research and development, integrated water resources management, exchange of experts and training of engineering specialists in water resources development & management, irrigation development,
    15. Bahrain 22.02.2015
    • Water resources development and management, for surface and groundwater both, including Arid Zone Hydrology and water Management in arid areas, coastal engineering, consultancy for designs and Detailed Project Report for water and hydro power projects;
    • special emphasis on water availability analysis, drought mitigation & management, rain water harvesting, water quality monitoring and management and impact of climate change on water resources
    • Joint venture investment in water resources development and management.
    16. Rwanda 22.01.2013 Cooperation in agriculture, water resources management & capacity building including marshland and hillslide irrigation; watershed management & water governance; irrigation projects techniques; procedure of planning irrigation projects; guidelines for water management for irrigation; crop water requirement; pressurized and surface irrigation techniques; water availability and reliability for irrigation projects; water use efficiency technology; on-farm water management, etc.